SKIMS Referred Vacancies to JKSSB for Recruitment


SKIMS Refers 350+ Vacancies To JKSSB For Recruitment

The Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) in Srinagar has recently referred over 350 posts to the Jammu & Kashmir Services Selection Board (JKSSB) for recruitment. According to the newly appointed director, Prof. (Dr.) M. Ashraf Ganie, the recruitment process is expected to be completed within six months. Dr. Ganie has expressed confidence in overcoming the current issues faced by SKIMS and aims to resolve all problems within a year.


In his first 100 days, Dr. Ganie plans to address various challenges such as manpower shortages, equipment deficits, and maintenance problems. He intends to collaborate with relevant parties to ensure these issues are promptly addressed. A total of 367 positions, including paramedical staff, have been referred to the JKSSB for recruitment. This process is anticipated to be completed within six months, providing the necessary support to SKIMS.


The director also mentioned that faculty recruitment has commenced, with a strong commitment to filling these roles swiftly. Ensuring a qualified staff is crucial for maintaining the high standards of SKIMS. Dr. Ganie highlighted the international caliber of SKIMS faculty and emphasized the importance of enhancing public perception of their high-quality work.


SKIMS is known for producing specialists and super specialists who are recognized at both national and international levels. Dr. Ganie underscored the need to elevate the research culture at SKIMS to international standards. This will help in achieving global recognition for their contributions and advancements in the medical field.


Plans are underway to procure a new MRI machine for SKIMS. Additionally, efforts are being made to make a third CT scan functional in the near future, with the support of the government. These steps are aimed at improving the diagnostic capabilities of the institute and providing better healthcare services to patients.


Addressing the shortage of essential medicines is also a priority for Dr. Ganie. He assured that efforts are being made to ensure the availability of all necessary drugs for patient convenience. This will help in providing uninterrupted medical care and support to those in need.


The director’s vision includes transforming SKIMS into a center of excellence that meets international standards. By focusing on recruitment, equipment upgrades, and research enhancement, Dr. Ganie aims to position SKIMS as a leading medical institute globally.


Overall, the initiatives taken by Dr. Ganie are expected to bring significant improvements to SKIMS. With a dedicated effort towards resolving existing issues and enhancing the institute’s capabilities, SKIMS is poised for a transformative phase under his leadership.

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