Is it possible to clear SSC CGL in the first attempt?

Is it possible to clear SSC CGL in the first attempt?


SSC CGL is deemed to be the most sought-after competitive exam in India. Millions of aspirants compete for a few thousand vacancies every year. The success rates of candidates in SSC CGL Exams are also not very motivating. Nevertheless, there are many candidates who not only pass this exam but also get their names marked in the toppers list. Interestingly, most of the aspirants who become toppers do so in their first attempt. Ironically, other aspirants can’t pass this examination even after giving multiple attempts. So, this vast difference between the aspirants arises due to their preparation strategies. Here is the detailed strategy which successful aspirants follow in their SSC CGL Preparation.

Acing the SSC CGL Exam in the First Attempt

  • Give Mocks from Day1: The level of questions asked in SSC CGL exams is not very tough. In fact, a class 10th student might solve CGL questions easily. More than solving the questions, it is about the time taken to solve a question in SSC CGL Exams. And, generating that high attempting speed, along with high accuracy won’t be possible if you don’t give enough mocks. The most important SSC CGL Tips are to attempt mock tests. All those who have aced this examination have taken hundreds of mocks before appearing in the actual examination.
  • Prepare for Mains and Prelims in One Go: The gap between prelims and mains examination in SSC CGL is hardly 2-3 months. So, if you haven’t prepared for the Mains Examination in advance, you will have to compete with those who already have prepared. For subjects like Maths and English, instead of preparing separately for prelims and Mains, prepare according to Mains, indeed. Even a few times, mains level questions are asked in the Prelims Exam.
  • Focus More on Basics than Tricks: Repeatedly, candidates make the mistake of learning tricks to solve Maths questions. But in the real examination, these tricks become useless when there is even a slight twist in the questions. Ask any topper, and you will find out that those with the strong basics have aced this examination more often than those who relied on Tricks.
  • Solve Previous Year Question Papers: In SSC CGL Exam, more than half of the paper is repeated in some sense. Without solving previous year’s papers, your SSC CGL marks will be far from your expectations. You can compromise studying a few topics, but compromising with the past year’s papers can be your biggest mistake. It is advisable to solve past 3-4 year question papers before the SSC CGL Examination.
  • Pay special focus to English and Maths: Since Quant and English are asked in both prelims and mains, unlike Reasoning and Gk, it is advisable to pay more focus to these sections. Out of the total 600 marks of Pre and Mains, 500 marks consist of English and Quant. So, mastering these subjects can only get you through in the CGL exam.
  • Study from Limited Sources: The biggest mistakes candidates make is choosing multiple resources during their preparation. You might think the more you study for various sources, the better your preparation will be. But in reality, the more resources you choose, the less will be your chances to score well in this examination. It is advisable to choose limited study material and a maximum of 1-2 teachers if studying online.
  • Revision: While revision is important in every exam, it becomes imperative in SSC CGL Exam. Subjects like General Knowledge and English require regular revision or else it won’t take long for you to forget what you had studied. Even the sections like Maths and Reasoning require persistent revision of important concepts and formulas. The road to success in SSC CGL Exam goes through multiple revisions.

Acing the SSC CGL exam won’t be a cakewalk, but thousands of aspirants have done it before you can also do it. All it takes is persistence, hard work, and a dedicated commitment to your preparation.

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