JKSSB Class 4th Mock Test Book; Download PDF Free


JKSSB Class 4th Mock Test Book Download Free

Contents in the PDF Book Below

Q1. Which Pala ruler founded the famous Vikramashila university for the Buddhist ? 

 a) Mahi Pala
  b) Deva Pala 
 c) Gopala 
 d) Dharma Pala 
 Ans. Dharma Pala 
 Q2. The Rigveda contains how many suktas/Mantras? 
 a) 1000 
 b) 1025 
 c) 1028 
 d) 1088 
 Ans. 1028 
 Q3. The book Rajtrangini was written by : 
 a) Alberuni 
 b) Kalhana 
c) Kalidad 
 d) Rajshekhar

Q4. Ashoka, the mighty conquered kalinga in the year.
a) 269 B.C
b) 261 B. C
c) 209 B. C
d) 200 B.C

Ans. . . 261 B.C

Q5. Which state has smallest land area?
a) Goa
b) Nagaland
c) Sikkim
d) Tripura

Ans. . . Goa

Q6. Which planet is known as the watery planet?
a) Mercury
b) Earth
c) Mars
d) Jupiter

Ans. . . Earth

Q7. Which two Planets of the solar system have no satellite?
a) Mercury & Venus
b) Venus & Mars
c) Mercury & Mars
d) Venus & Neptune

Ans. . . Mercury & Venus

Q8. Earthquake & Volcanoes occur mostly in.:
a) Plateau region
b) Deep sea plains
c) Coastal Region
d) Folded & Faulted region

Ans. . . Folded & Faulted region

Q9. Which is the post harvest folk dance in Assam?
a) Ankianat
b) Bihu
c) Namgen
d) Raut Nacha

Ans. . . Bihu

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