8 Secret Tips To Write Your IGNOU Assignment 2024

Always keep in mind that you follow the Instructions of the University about the Assignment and Write your answers to get Maximum IGNOU Assignment Marks!

1st page – Cover page

(Download IGNOU Assignment Cover Here)

2nd page – ID card copy

(Download IGNOU ID Card Here)

3rd page – Assignment question paper

(Download IGNOU Assignment Questions Here)

4th page – Start writing assignment

Here are the 8 Tips:- 

1. Use A4 size ruled papers for writing assignments

2. Write question first and then the answer

3. Use black pen for writing questions and blue for writing answers

4. Write page no. on each page

5. Write full name and enrollment no. on each page (not necessary)

6. Do not copy answers from study material, write in your own language

7. Do not write very long answers, be precise

8. Draw a line after completing every question.

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