Questions asked in JKSSB Assistant Compiler CBT Exam

Questions asked in JKSSB Assistant Compiler CBT Exam

Questions asked in JKSSB Assistant Compiler CBT Exam
JKSSB Assistant Compiler CBT Exam is under process and some of the questions asked is mentioned below
  1. Deoband movement started
  2. Bursar on which river
  3. Gk gokhle died in
  4. Dandi March started in which year .
  5. Revolt of 1857
  6. Fundamental duties
  7. Markhor status
  8. Number of national parks in jk
  9. Election commission member body
  10. Full form CD
  11. Rainwater harvesting compulsory ist in which state
  12. Indian home rule society started
  13. Madhumati and Erin flows on which lake
  14. Largest tributory of indus
  15. Jal jeevan sakti started in. Which year
  16. Public opinion …
  17. Constitution ist amended in which year
  18. In today’s exm
  19. Maths lengthy calculation
  20. 2 questions bodmas
  21. 2 questions linear equations
  22. 2 questions probability
  23. 2 article , prepositions
  24. Strawberry valley in which district
  25. Land of snakes which district
  26. Who started Yugantar newspaper
  27. Which Act curbed rights such as the freedom of expression and strengthened __ powers.
  28. Which of the following is fundamental right ??Safeguard public property
  29. Article 45 added by which amendment act ?
  30. Which of the is not enforceable by govt ? Options fundamental duty nd fundamental rights related
  31. One questions forests types relate dry alpine scrub
  32. Bhim dev established reasi district in which century
  33. Which treaty signed after ist Anglo Sikh war ?
  34. Which agency has published the Human Development Report of the UN?
  35. Which organisation related to food and agr ??
  36. International Telecommunication Union headquarter at ?
  37. One question balance of trade related
  38. Earth’s twin
  39. Smallest planet in solar system
  40. Saffron is largely grown in which district of jk
  41. Capital of Beirut
  42. Which national park is located in Arunachal Pradesh
  43. Lepcha language is spoken in which state ?
  44. Hindi is the official language of which state
  45. Sourav ghosal related to which sports ?
  46. Currency of Kuwait ?
  47. Machu Picchu is located in ??
  48. One question related to Pulitzer prize in 1953 ?
  49. One question related to Padma award
  50. Direction sense A person walks towards West nd then 5 times ryt finally in which direction he is facing now .
  51. Indus water treaty related 1 question

in another session of JKSSB Exam

  1. Total wildlife sanctuaries in ut of jk
  2. Tarsar lake in district
  3. Which wetland is in ut hygam
  4. Villey of milk
  5. Oslo is capital of
  6. Currency of Indonesia
  7. Ist president of INC
  8. Year in which gandhi led satyagrah against rowlatt act
  9. Gandhijis political mentor
  10. New India whose newspaper
  11. Punjab was annexed by governor General name
  12. Strain connects pacific ocean and atlantic
  13. Results of revolt of 1857
  14. Road name b/w poonch and jammu
  15. Volume of cuboid
  16. Blood relation
  17. Statement and conclusion
  18. Number series
  19. Average speed train
  20. Father of English grammar
  21. Directions
  22. Virus full form
  23. Like amazonias launch vehicle
  24. Red dots in which planet
  25. Asteroids are bw which planets
  26. Monarchial democracy in which country
  27. Only three times prezdent of usa
  28. Christ redeemer in which country
  29. Like the opinion books writer
  30. Another was which lake is mother of seven lakes option was dal walur mansbal.

Some of the questions asked in today’s Assistant compiler paper shift 2 to 4pm
1.sawalkote hydroelectric project on which river
2. Vyeth,hydaspes,vitasta other names of
3.kishanganga tributary of river
4.Dal lake located in which district
5. Kashmiri name of saffron
6. Dachigam NP established in which year
7. Moti Singh established which district in 1850
8. Sardar sarovar dam on which river
9. Bhakra Nanagal dam on which river
10. Quit India movement resolution passed by which leader in INC
11. External minister of interm government in 1946
12. Atmiya sabha established by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in which year
13. Gandhiji participated first time in INC in which year
14. Parakram diwas in memory of which leader
15. Bodo dogri Maithili and santhali added to constitution in which year
16. Total official languages in India
17. 73rd ammendment act added which part to constitution
18. Total functions in panchayati raj act
19. Article 21 of Reorganization act 2019
20. Capital of Ireland
21. Renminbi is the official currency of
22.Who first circumnavigate Earth
23. Asteroids are found between which planets
24. Hottest planet of solar system
25. Planet also called red planet
26. Minimum age for presidential elections
27. Adult franchise first established in which country
28. Who discovered Australia
29. Process called when two lighter nuclei fuse together
30. First Indian who won Olympic medal
31. Milkha is related to which sports
32. Highest civilian award in India
33. AIIB full form
34. IAEA full form
35. IUCN full form
36. County member of G7
37. Headquarters of BARC
38. Headquarters of ISRO
39. Jehangir nominated whom as king of poonch
40. Type of party system in India
41. Bandhas jodha khads are types of
42. National park located on bank of kishenganga river near line of control
43. Tunnel under construction which will connecting Kashmir with Leh/Ladakh
44. 10 days of less severe cold of chillai kalan
45. SDR and BOP
46. According to IUCN status of brown bear
47. Two questions on Linear equations, Three on profit and loss 3 on number series, three on SI CI etc

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