NSP rejects NT issued income certificates, Bandipora Students in distress

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Bandipora Students in ‘distress’ as NSP rejects NT issued income certificates

Bandipora Students in 'distress' as NSP rejects NT issued income certificates

Bandipora Students in ‘distress’ as NSP rejects NT issued income certificates

Srinagar, Feb 03 :

Many scholarship aspirants are in trouble as their applications have been defected by the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) authorities citing incompetent income certificates issued by Naib Tehsildar.
As per News Agency , the students from Ajas tehsil in Bandipora have complained that they were asked to submit a competent income certificate with duly valid signature of Tehsildar & not Naib Tehsildar(NT). Thus impanelling the authority of NT.
Talking to Media , one of the students wishing anonymity said that when he approached the tehsil office for issuance of another certificate, the NT instead of helping out the student told him that he is the authority to issue the certificate will depict his power in upcoming days.
According to sources, the remarks from NT are because of his controversy & lack of fellowship with the Tehsildar which has left common people to suffer.
Sources added that the NT has rented an office at least half kilometre away from the government designated tehsil office thus adding to the misery of common people.
Tehsildar Ajas, Naveed Ahmad feigned ignorance about the matter & said NT is not a competent authority to issue Income certificates adding that candidates might have compelled the concerned NT to do so.
Asking whether the concerned NT have done an offence by issuing the certificates, the Tehsildar said he did not think so, adding that NT can only report but can not issue the certificates.
Upon asking the rented accommodation of NT, the Tehsildar said that they too are working in a rented building adding that it is a general issue.
The in-question Naib Tehsildar, Farooq Ahmad when contacted by Media said that he is First Class Magistrate & is authorized to issue the income certificates.
” I am the 1st Class Magistrate & I am the competent authority to issue the same, you can also verify it from DC Bandipora, ” he told Media over the phone.
Asked how many certificates he had issued under his seal & signature so far, the NT said 5-8 certificates have been issued by him.


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