KU 6th Semester Sociology Guess

KU 6th Semester Sociology Guess Questions

KU 6th Semester Sociology Guess
Short questions    
  1.   Social Status ?    (social status, also called status, the relative rank that an individual holds, with attendant rights, duties, and lifestyle, in a social hierarchy based upon honour or prestige)
  2.Desanskritization    (De-sanskritisation is the process by which a high or a low caste person or a tribal accepts the membership of an untouchable caste and thereby lowers his social as well as ritual position. Also lost is his previous identity over a period of time, say, in a generation or two)

 3.proletariats          (What is a proletariat person?
In the theory of Karl Marx, the term proletariat designated the class of wage workers who were engaged in industrial production and whose chief source of income was derived from the sale of their labour power.)

4.weberian prerspective of social Stratification  (Weber maintained that stratification is an organized manifesta- tion of power in society. Power, for Weber, can be separated into three spheres of activity for analytical purposes: economic, social, and political, and, within each sphere power is designated according to class, status, and power (Weber, 1970).)

5.Brahmanization       (In a broader sense, also called Brahmanisation, it is a historical process in which "local" Indian religious traditions become syncretised, or aligned to and absorbed within the Brahmanical religion, resulting in the pan-Indian religion of Hinduism.)
6. Borgeoisis      (a middle-class person. : burgher. : a person with social behavior and political views held to be influenced by private-property interest : capitalist. 3. plural : bourgeoisie.)
7.Sankrtization         (Sanskritisation (or Sanskritization) is a term in sociology which refers to the process by which castes or tribes placed lower in the caste hierarchy seek 'upward' mobility by emulating the rituals and practices of the dominant castes or upper castes. It is a process similar to "passing" in sociological terms.)
 8. Social mobility    (Social mobility is the movement in time of individuals, families, or other social units between positions of varying advantage in the system of social stratification of a society. Classical authors have studied social mobility primarily in its contribution to class or status group formation.)       

Medium Type                            
9. Explain with e g HOW  stratisfication exists in caste and class    
10.Give a detailed account on conflict prospective of social stratication ?                               
11. Traditional Socities are caste basic in india" EXPLAIN?                      
12.Explain in detail the pattern of sanskritization in indian socities ?
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