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Functioning of a Computer

Computer performs four basic functions which are as follows
1. Input Data or data that is entered into a computer is called input. It sends data &
instructions to the Central Processing Unit (CPU).
2. Processing It is the sequence of actions taken on data to convert it into knowledge which is
meaningful to the user. It can be calculations, comparisons or decisions taken by the computer.
3. Output It makes processed data available to the user. It is mainly used to display the desired
result to the user as per input instructions.
4. Storage It stores data & programs permanently. It is used to store knowledge during the time
of program execution & possible to get any type of knowledge from it.
Features of Computer
The key features of computer are as follows
1. Speed The computer can process data very fast at the rate of millions of instructions per second.
2. Accuracy Computers provide a high degree of accuracy. They respond to the user as per the input instructions. 
3. Storage Capacity Computers are capable to store huge amount of data which depends on the capacity of hard disk. 
4. Versatility Computers can do different types of work simultaneously. They can perform multiple tasks at a same time.
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