Jio new Plan for its customers, unlimited for just 100


Jio new plan : Jio introduced the cheapest scheme for its customers, unlimited for just 100


Jio new plan

Reliance Jio has become the country’s number-1 telecom company in just four years. Jio’s subscriber base has crossed 400 million. Although Jio has many such powerful plans that get unlimited calling with plenty of data, but Jio has very few plans for those who want to recharge only to stay their Jio number running. In today’s report, we will tell you about similar plan of Jio for which you will have to spend only 108 rupees every month.

Let’s know. If you are also looking for such a cheap plan of Jio that keeps your number running at a low cost, then the best plan for you is Rs 1,299 (336 days).

This plan of Jio can be seen by going to others in the plan section on My Jio app or It will not be visible in popular or any other plan category. This plan is for smartphones & not for live phones. If you recharge this plan of Jio, then you will have to spend 108.25 rupees per month, though you will have to recharge only once.

This plan is best than any monthly plan.

Jio’s monthly plan (24 days) is Rs 149. In this case, you are saving around 40 rupees. Jio’s Rs 1,299 plan offers 336 days of validity. The most important thing is that in this you get unlimited calling on all the networks, so in this case, this plan is perfect for those who need only calling, although the total 24 GB data is also available in this plan. A total of 3600 SMS are also available in this plan of Jio.

Subscriptions to all Jio’s apps are also available in this plan. If you do not want to make such a costly recharge at one go, then Jio also has a plan of Rs 329 in which 6GB data with a validity of 84 days & unlimited calling is available on all networks.


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