How to Report If vs But Anti-Islamic YouTube Channel?


Details about this channel

There is a channel on YouTube the name “If vs But” With 1.4Mn subscribers and is vehemently spreading hatred about our Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH).

Please report the channel immediately and ask your near and dear one’s to do the same. It’s not an option but a duty for every Muslim.

How to Report If vs But Directly?

  • Click on If vs But About Section (Try to Open it in a Browser only, not in a mobile App, so that report option can be visible)
  • You will see page like this
How to report if vs but
source: YouTube

  • Now click on Report user
  • Then choose Hate speech against a protected group
  • You will see page like below
  • Now Click the Report  (or you can also select video’s to be reported with channel)
  • Now add additional notes and Click Submit
  • Done, you’ve reported the channel and we hope that channel will be suspended as soon as possible.

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