BLIE 227 Practical IGNOU 2021 Important Questions|Practical Dates for JK

BLIE 227 Practical IGNOU 2021 is currently going on and those Students whose Practical assessment is pending can check their details below

BLIE 227 Practical IGNOU

Dear BLIS Learner (Message from IGNOU RC Srinagar)

Viva of BLIE-227 commences from 16-03-2021 through virtual mode. You are advised to keep your mobile phone or computer ready in advance. Click this link  before 15 minutes and keep your audio/video muted. You will be asked to un-mute audio/video by the examiner when your turn comes. Keep IGNOU I Card with you during the viva.

NOTE: Please join the link only as per your slot mentioned in the detailed schedule.

Click here for detailed schedule

Dr. Shamim Ahmad Dar

Regional Director

IGNOU Srinagar 

Dear BLIS Learner (Message from IGNOU RC Jammu)

Schedule and List of examinee for BLIS Practical examination (BLIE-227) for TEE June 2020 through virtual mode Cick here for the details 

How to Join the Virtual Examination using Google Meet?

  • You need to Download Google Meet App or You need updated version of Gmail App.
  • Then Click on the link mentioned in the detailed Schedule at the given time
  • Wait for the Approval, it can take sometime
  • Now you’ll able to connect the IGNOU Rc
  • Keep your Video and Voice muted till Examiner calls your name
  • Unmute the Lines once your turns comes.
  • Give your VIVA without Hesitation.

Important Questions for BLIE 227 Viva?

Following are most important Questions for BLIE 227

Aacr full form 
 marc21 full form and it's type 
 types of table and their uses,  
 ddc full form and when launch OR who invented  and published  its edition up to date and types it's summary
 ccc full form, 
 ISBN full form,
 ISBD full form,
 What is call no ??
 What is accession no ?

Guide to Dewey Decimal Classification

Understanding the Dewey Decimal Classification system which is used to organise books in the Library.

000 Generalities
100 Philosophy and psychology
200 religion
300 social science
400 language
500 pure science
600 applied science /Technology
700 art and recreation
800 Literature
900 History and geography

The Seven Tables of DDC

Table-1 : Standard Sub-division: …
Table-2 : Areas: …
Table-3 : Sub-division of individual literature: …
Table-4 : Sub-division of Individual Languages: …
Table-5 : Racial, Ethnic and National Groups: …
Table-6 : Language:

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