Polity Book PDF by Khan Sir Patna Download for Competitive Exams 2021

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Polity Book PDF by Khan Sir Patna Download for Competitive Exams

polity book pdf

Khan Sir is a qualified experienced teacher, many books have been written by him, some of which we have made available on our website, today in this post we have available the PDF of Khan Sir Polity Book and Khan Sir Polity Notes written by him. 

The book of political science written by Khan sir has collected all the important points related to Indian political science and detailed all the articles and 22 parts and 12 schedules of the Indian Constitution.

Along with this, current events in Indian political science have also been written in this book. All the current constitutional amendments and important questions related to them have also been included in this.

  Polity Book PDF written by Khan sir, you can get it through the link given below. This book has been published by Kiran Prakashan.


The notes of the Political Science taught by Khan sir are prepared through the notes taught by them so that it is available to all. Khan Sir Polity Notes is very important for all of you exams, then you are requested to read it.

If you want Khan Sir’s Polity Notes, you can get it through the link given below. All the important points of political science have been written in this notes and all the articles, parts, and schedules of the Indian Constitution have been explained in detail.

Click Here to Download Khan Sir PDF Book [56mb]

 If you want to know about some current issue from them, then Khan sir has opened a YouTube channel where you can get many types of information through his video, below we have given a link to his YouTube channel.

If you want to get information about Polity Batch taught by Khan sir. So you have to go to Google Play store and download Khan sir official app and after that you can get information about any running or running batches from there.


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We only provide to you as per requirement the Study Material already available on the Internet.

If you want to succeed in your competitive exams, then download the khan sir polity complete notes that we have put through this post and it should be remembered more and more often so that you will remember it.

We expect all of you students to download the khan sir polity book PDF provided by us and study it in detail.