KU 2nd semester Important Questions of Environmental studies

KU 2nd Semester Important Questions of Environmental studies 2nd Sem Batch 2020-21

  1. Eco system structure.
  2. Energy flow in eco system.
    3 Ecological pyramids .
  3. Components of environment.
    5 Renewable and Non Renewable energy source.
    6 . Why there is growing energy demand.
    7,. Concept of rain water harvesting.
    8 . Concept of land degradation and desertification.
  4. Levels of Bio diversity.
  5. Importance of Bio diversity.
  6. Threats to Bio diversity.
  7. Conservation of Bio diversity
  8. Air,water,soil,noise, solid waste pollution.
  9. Acid rain and strastific ozone layer depletion.
  10. Climate change/Global warming.
    16 Environmental changes … Chipco movement and Silent valley.
  11. Silent features of Air act of 1981 and environment protection of 1986
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