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BPSC -103 Political Theory – Concepts & Debates Solved Assignment 2020-21 , IGNOU Assignments 2020-21- Gandhi National Open University had recently uploaded the assignments of the present session for Programme in Hindi for the year 2020-21. Students are recommended to download their Assignments from this webpage itself. They don’t got to go anywhere else when everything regarding the Assignments are available during this article only.

Candidates got to download the IGNOU Assignments for appearing within the Term finish Examination.

BPSC -103 Political Theory – Concepts & Debates Solved Assignment 2020-21

acknowledge all questions.

Assignment – I


acknowledge the following in about 500 words each.


1. Discuss Isaiah Berlin’s notion of liberty  

2. Examine the Marxist concept of freedom.


Assignment – II


acknowledge the following questions in about 250 words each.


3. Write a note on the inter-relationship of equality & liberty.  

4. Examine the issue of sameness & difference.  

5. What are the different constituents of Desert? elaborate.


Assignment – III

acknowledge the following questions in about 100 words each.


6. Examine the arguments against the concept of Desert.

7. Write a note on Global Justice. 6 8. Distinguish between Rights & Entitlements.  

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9. Trace the historical development of human rights.

10. elaborate the meaning & concept of multiculturalism.


BPSC -103 Political Theory – Concepts & Debates Solved Assignment 2020-21 IGNOU Assignments 2020-21-  All those candidates who had completely solved their IGNOU Solved can submit their IGNOU Assignments to the coordinator of your nearest IGNOU Study Centre that has been alloted to you during the time of IGNOU Admission.

Please Note- After submitting your Assignments, please don’t forget to require the receipt of the Submission of Assignment.


IGNOU Assignments Guidelines

Aims: BPSC -103 Political Theory – Concepts & Debates Solved Assignment 2020-21 IGNOU Assignments 2020-21- This assignment cares mainly with assessing your application & your understanding of the course material. you’re to not reproduce chunks of data from the course material but to use the talents of critical appreciation that you simply may have acquired during the course of study. This assignment aims to show also on assess your performance.

Guidelines: There are three sections – Section A, B & C, you’re required to aim all questions in your own words & hand written Assignments should be submitted on time.

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Instructions:BPSC -103 Political Theory – Concepts & Debates Solved Assignment 2020-21 IGNOU Assignments 2020-21-  Before attempting the questions please read the subsequent instructions carefully. As in day-to-day life, planning is vital in attempting the assignment also . Read the assignment carefully; undergo the units on which the questions are based; jot some points regarding each question then re-arrange them during a logical order. within the essay-type answer, concentrate to your introduction & conclusion. The introduction must tell you ways to interpret the given topic & the way you plan to develop it. The conclusion must summarize your views on the subject . Once you’re satisfied together with your answers, you’ll write down the ultimate version for submission, writing each answer neatly & underlining the points you would like to stress .you ought to submit the assignment in your own handwriting.

create sure that your answer:

a) is logical

b) is written in simple & proper English

c) doesn’t exceed the amount of words indicated in your questions

d) is written neatly & clearly.


Last Date for Submission of Assignment:

·        For June Examination: 31st March

·        For December Examination: 30th September

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IGNOU Assignment Status 2020-21

BPSC -103 Political Theory – Concepts & Debates Solved Assignment 2020-21, IGNOU Assignments 2020-21- aThose students who had successfully submitted their Assignments to their allocated study centres can now check their Assignment Status. along side assignment status, they will also checkout their assignment marks & result. All this is often available in a web mode. After submitting the assignment, you’ll check you IGNOU Assignment Status only after 3-4 weeks. it’d take 40 days to declare.

Here the scholars can check their IGNOU Assignment Status, marks, result or both the sessions i.e; June & December.

Once the TEE assignments are submitted to the Centres, it’s send to the evaluation department. After which the evaluation of IGNOU Assignment Solutions takes place.


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